Joseph Capicotto Fine Art 



Joseph Capicotto is a self-taught professional artist who is well-known for his wide variety of subject matter, and an ever-evolving fascination with painting methods. His wealth of experience in light, colour, and form is seen in the natural transition he brings to the canvas. His paintings resonate with carefree passion, expressing a sense of confidence in everything eventually coming together.
Joseph earned an Honours Degree in Fine Arts and Mass Communications at Toronto’s York University, specializing in Figure Drawing. His paintings can be found in renowned galleries and private collections throughout the world. He has enjoyed much media exposure ranging from art shows at prestigious galleries to numerous charity events.
In 2018, Joseph had his first solo show followed by another successful event at Quebec City’s “Night of the Galleries”. Today, Joseph continues to explore the spectrum of colours, methods and ideas that allow him to channel his desire to communicate, connect and inspire.

Artist Statement

“It touches my soul”, an art enthusiast comments on one of my paintings – memorable words that reflect how the arts influence my everyday life.
Paint, music, and an energy fuse together and casually flow from my knife to the canvas… subject unknown. Although a lifelong fascination with the fine arts’ capacity to express and evoke emotions, eventually reveals itself in a figure, a landscape, or an abstract composition.
My passion is in the transparent orchestration of all the layers in a manner that they work in harmony and build up to a moment when I can stand back and feel…
“it touches my soul”.

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